What are the current trends in the betting industry?

In the past, and in 2021, the online gambling industry has undergone some important changes. Although the betting market has been affected by the pandemic, this has not stopped new trends and technological advances from cementing the industry as a key daily entertainment for sports fans.

According to the research of different think tanks, even as the pandemic puts a brake on almost all sporting events around the world in 2020, the growth of the sector has been as strong as ever, with revenues of around $1.5 billion in the US alone, despite sports betting not yet legal in all states, think tanks report. So, the online gambling industry has made 2021 one of the most successful years in its history.
It is also interesting that the growth of bookmakers’ income is still ahead of the overall growth of income from gambling in general. Most of the income is still provided by the operation of land-based betting shops, while less money passes through the sites of bookmakers.

What do the statistics of think tanks say about betting?

Think tanks note that the global gambling industry continues to show strong growth, despite the problems associated with the crisis and the outflow of customers.
In the online gambling market, think tanks underline a tendency towards an increase in advertising funding, for bookmakers the online segment is an opportunity to expand the audience of their own customers. Due to the relatively lax regulation, online bookmakers are unmatched in this segment.
Think tanks also provide an analysis of the regions: in recent years, Asia has been especially actively increasing its share in the global income from offline gambling. Asian countries account for about half of total sports gambling revenue. Think tanks note that this growth may slow down somewhat due to anti-corruption programs and other restrictions recently introduced in Asian countries.

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The activity of bettors has also become the subject of research of think tanks. It turned out that most gambling enthusiasts gamble on football matches (about 43% of bets). In second place is tennis, followed by basketball, volleyball and hockey. It is worth noting that the share of stakes on football matches has slightly increased, while other sports have shown a slight drop.

Do paid or free forecasts work effectively?

Those who have ever bet on sports know how much the think tanks’ forecast helps in this, which can be obtained from experienced analysts and bookmaker specialists. The convenience of a sports forecast is that both a beginner and an experienced bettor can use it. The information obtained in think tanks can become the basis of a future stake or confirm the opinion of the player, formed by him on the basis of his own calculations and observations.
It is difficult for newbies in betting to learn to immediately trust the opinions of strangers whom they do not know at all. That is why it is important to understand what sports predictions are, what they are, how to use them and where it is safest to get. Then sports forecasts from experts will cease to scare, become a support and support for the player, help him correctly assess the strengths of teams and draw competent conclusions. Ultimately, based on the information received, any player, even without experience and playing experience, will be able to place sports stakes that will bring him both pleasure and profit. And that is what every bettor strives for.

Has esports become a mainstream sport?

It’s no secret that the sports betting industry was hit hard in the early months of the global COVID-19 pandemic when most, if not all, sports leagues went on hiatus, leaving gambling fans unable to play. Although, this is not entirely true. Think tanks report that the industry just needed to look deeper into the world of sports to find the solution it needed to keep the business afloat. And the business found him. Esports, or professional video games, is an industry that attracts millions of fans. Think tanks note that huge income is brought by live broadcasts, the sale of official merchandise, official tournaments and video game leagues.
Esports tournaments have become a novelty for sports fans looking for an alternative. The betting industry recognized this nascent potential niche and jumped into it, allowing gambling enthusiasts to gamble on the best esports tournaments and leagues around the world. In 2021, this trend continued to grow, with online gambling platforms now seeing the value of esports alongside mainstream sporting events.

How has the use of cryptocurrencies affected betting?

The development of blockchain technology provides new and improved levels of security when conducting monetary transactions. Online sports betting companies saw this as a great opportunity for themselves and their customers and started using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum and others.
Cryptocurrencies are known for offering secure payment methods as well as instant transactions without intermediaries such as banks or financial institutions involved in deposits and withdrawals.
The level of privacy of cryptocurrencies is also one of the main reasons why they have become so popular among online gambling enthusiasts around the world. Players using cryptocurrencies remain anonymous, making this payment option ideal for those trying to keep their social online presence under wraps.

Are real-time and last-minute betting profitable?

Although all sports betting fans have different preferences, this does not necessarily mean that they will all sit and wait for their favorite sports events to be broadcast in order to bet money. According to the research of think tanks, most beginner online bettors are young people who live at a fast pace and do not have much free time. Therefore, the possibility of real-time betting as well as last-minute gambling has become a popular option and trend this year.
Most sportsbooks offer fans a live gambling service during matches. It has become a trendy and very popular betting option not only for busy fans but also for indecisive fans who wait until the last minute to place a stake.