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Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA)

  • Country: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Date Established: 1994
  • Executive Director: Donald Mmari
  • Research areas: Development, Economics, Environment & Natural Resources, Food & Agriculture, Governance, Science & Technology, Social Policy
In the next five years REPOA will continue its in-depth research on poverty to generate a deeper understanding of this issue. Sharing this knowledge with stakeholders (governments, private sector, academia, and mass media), will help develop the capacity for action to reduce poverty.

Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization concerned with poverty and pro-poor growth. REPOA undertakes and facilitates research, conducts and coordinates training, and promotes the development of policy for pro-poor growth and poverty reduction. REPOA"s main thematic research areas include growth and poverty, gender, environment, agriculture, technology, governance, vulnerability, and social protection.

REPOA's vision is to contribute to the development of Tanzania by facilitating the creation and use of knowledge. REPOA operates a research competition program that attracts social and economic researchers from across the country.

REPOA has built links with development partners, the private sector, and policymakers. Through participation in sector working committees, financial reviews, and local government planning, REPOA was instrumental in the development of Tanzania's Vision 2025 and in the formulation of Tanzania’s first and second generation National Poverty Reduction Strategies. It also serves as the secretariat for analyzing and monitoring progress toward realizing the Vision, produces Tanzania's annual Poverty and Human Development Report, and develops the country’s annual Poverty Status Report.