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Centre for Population and Environmental Development (CPED)

  • Country: Benin City, Nigeria
  • Date Established: 1999
  • Executive Director: Andrew Onokerhoraye
  • Research areas: Development, Economics, Health, Social Policy
CPED seeks to consolidate and build on its achievements of the last three years to make the organization one of Nigeria’s centres of excellence for independent policy research. Our policy research, combined with outreach and intervention programs, focuses on sustainable development and peacebuilding in the country’s Niger Delta region.

The Centre for Population and Environmental Development (CPED) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental action research institution in Nigeria. CPED is dedicated to promoting sustainable development and to reducing poverty and inequality through policy-oriented research and active engagement on development issues.

CPED aims to address a broad set of research areas, including globalization, democracy and governance, health (particularly HIV/AIDS), population, gender, education, environment, and the development of Nigeria’s Niger Delta region. With its partners, CPED has conducted action research activities and a training program for civil society groups in the Niger Delta region, working to support poverty alleviation, peacebuilding, and post-conflict reconciliation and rehabilitation.

CPED builds policy linkages mainly by consulting with stakeholders, organizing policy development workshops, participating in ad hoc communities, reporting to policymakers, and collaborating with the Niger Delta Development Commission, a federal government agency. CPED has also worked directly with the governments of several states and local authorities, primarily in the Niger Delta region, on the preparation and implementation of their Local Economic Empowerment and Development Strategies.