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Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD)

  • Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Date Established: 1993
  • Executive Director: Fahmida Khatun
  • Research areas: Development, Economics, Environment & Natural Resources, Food & Agriculture, Social Policy
CPD, an independent think tank in Bangladesh with local roots and global outreach, contributes to the emergence of an inclusive society based on equity, justice, and good governance through evidence-based research and informed debate. In the next decade, CPD aims to be a global “centre of excellence” focused on advancing the development interests of least-developed countries.

The Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) is a civil society think tank that seeks to foster a more participatory and accountable development process in Bangladesh. CPD’s research agenda covers a wide variety of areas including macroeconomic analysis, agricultural and rural development, trade, investment promotion, and climate change.

CPD strives to bridge the gap between empirical research and policy advocacy through a sustained effort in public policy analysis. It endeavours to create a national environment conducive to open public discussion on important policy issues with a view to ensuring domestic ownership over the policy agenda. It also works to build broad-based support for its policy proposals.

 CPD organizes multi-stakeholder consultations, conducts research on issues of critical national and regional interests, and disseminates knowledge and information on key developmental issues. It aims to influence policy at national, regional and international levels, by involving policymakers in the dialogue process and by contributing to preparation of global policy documents and national policy briefs.