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Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE)

  • Country: Kampala, Uganda
  • Date Established: 1999
  • Executive Director: Arthur Bainomugisha
  • Research areas: Economics, Environment & Natural Resources, Food & Agriculture, Governance, Health, Science & Technology
With TTI support, ACODE has developed a profile that will leave the footprints of our research work on key public policy processes across Eastern Africa and the continent.

The Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) is an independent public policy, research, and advocacy think tank with headquarters in Kampala. Through evidence-based policy research and analysis, ACODE aims to create knowledge to support pro-people national and regional development policies and to expand the range of policy options available for confronting public policy problems.

ACODE’s research efforts are focused on environmental governance, peace and conflict, trade, biotechnology, and property rights, particularly as they relate to Uganda’s overarching development framework, the Poverty Eradication Action Plan. ACODE’s multi-disciplinary research team comprises professionals with expertise in policy research, advocacy, and the monitoring of public policy.

In addition to disseminating its policy research series, policy briefs, and fact sheets, ACODE regularly convenes policy dialogue forums, engages the public on radio talk shows, and runs advocacy clinics to build the capacity of local-level civil society organizations. ACODE also chairs a technical committee on national policy on wildlife trade, and is a member of the natural resource committee of the country’s Plan for Modernisation.