In addition to the core funding it provides to all participating think tanks, TTI provides an additional source of funding for innovative and collaborative projects.

Opportunity Funds (formerly called Matching Funds) are designed to support peer learning and collaboration. Emphasis is also placed on promoting ownership over outcomes - as a result, most Opportunity Fund projects are financed in part by the think tanks themselves. Projects financed through Opportunity Funds are designed to help the think tanks achieve their long-term objectives and to carry out initiatives that go beyond those financed through their core grants. 

Round 1 


Institutions Involved


TTI Contribution to  Budget

Type of Project

Improving Maternal and Child Health in Underserved Rural Areas of Nigeria through Implementation Research

Centre for Population and Environmental Development (CPED), Primary Health Care Development Agency (PHCDA) and the Intervention Council for Women in Africa (ICWA)




Migration, Remittances and Forest Dependence in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Economic Association Ethiopian Economic Policy Research Institute (EEA-EEPRI); Center for International Forestry Research – Ethiopia (CIFOR- Ethiopia)




Improving rice self-sufficiency policies in West Africa

Initiative prospective agricole et rurale (IPAR); Center for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA); Centre Ivoirien de Recherches Economiques et Sociales (CIRES)



Advocacy and Capacity Development

Strengthening Capacities Of ILAIPP And Its members

Latin American Research Initiative for Public Policies (ILAIPP)  and its members

Latin America


Capacity Development

Strengthening and Expansion of the Group Promoting Women in Peruvian Social Sciences – Grupo Sofía

Grupo de Análisis Para El Desarrollo (GRADE), Development Analysis Group, CISEPA, CIUP

Latin America


Capacity Development

Democracy Project: Building citizenship in schools

Instituto de Estudios Peruanos (IEP), Fundacion Gustavo Mohme Llona (FM)

Latin America


Research and Advocacy

The role of small cities in shaping youth employment outcomes in India and Indonesia

Centre for Policy Research (CPR), JustJobs

South Asia



Pursuing Research on South-South Cooperation and Exploring Future Strategies for the Southern Voice Network

Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Southern Voice Partners

South Asia


Capacity Development

Establishing a Consortium for Peri-urban Research

Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP)

South Asia



A Comparative Study of Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers in India and Pakistan

Social Policy and Development Centre (SPDC), National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP)

South Asia



Total Round 1







Round 2

Title Institutions involved Region TTI Contribution to  Budget Type of Project

Strengthening public financial management at the county government level in Kenya


KIPPRA, KSG, OCoB and PEFA Africa $125,000 Research

Improving performance of urban areas in the context of Kenya’s devolved government


IEA Kenya and AHADI Africa $250,000 Research

A comparative study of regional productive development in Chile, el Salvador, Paraguay and Uruguay. The role of cooperation between enterprises


CADEP, IECON, FUSADES & UFRO Latin America $239,500 Research

Strengthening Territorial Development and Management Mechanisms in Paraguay


ID, RIMISP and ADETER Latin America $183,000 Research

New evidence for better policies and programs aimed at NEET youth in Latin America


CADEP and FUSADES Latin America $250,000 Research

Community based organization and spontaneous urban planning: keys for a rational urbanization process in the absence of the state


GRADE and ESRF Latin America & East Africa $179,656 Research

Bridging the Climate Information and Communication Gaps for Effective Adaptation Decisions: An Integrated Climate Information Management System


IPS, DOM, Janathkshan & SANDEE South Asia $250,000 Research

Advancing LDCs Interests in the WTO Strengthening Participation, Securing Priorities


CPD and SAWTEE South Asia $181,224 Research
 Total Round 2     $1,658,380 CAD