In preparation for the upcoming 2017 presidential elections in Ecuador, Grupo Faro has launched Ecuador Decide, an initiative aimed at encouraging democratic participation. This non-partisan and citizen-led initiative seeks to inform voters by sharing the electoral platforms of presidential candidates and ultimately reinforce their power to vote.

The initiative worked in collaboration with Facebook to have a button appear within the newsfeed section of all accounts held by Ecuadorians of voting age. This button invites them to visit the Ecuador Decide website and learn more about the election platforms of the eight presidential candidates, including their respective positions on issues such as employment, fiscal policy, health, and education. With 9.5 million Ecuadorians using Facebook each month, leveraging the social media platform in this way – a first in Latin America – is expected to help significantly in engaging and informing voters in the lead up to the election.

Ecuador Decide also partnered with local radio stations, who are regularly broadcasting the electoral platforms. This approach will help to reach populations who have limited or no access to the internet.

The Ecuador Decide initiative, led by Grupo Faro, is a collaboration between the Ecuadorian Confederation of Social and Civil Organizations, the National Election Council of Ecuador, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Facebook, and several universities.

About Grupo Faro

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